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    PianoLink International Amateurs Competition 2024.
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    CATEGORY A - NON-GRADUATES: Candidates with no type of Diploma in Piano Performance (Undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Professional, Graduate, Postgraduate, Specialist, or other equivalent Degrees).CATEGORY B - GRADUATES: Candidates with a Diploma in Piano Performance (Undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Professional, Graduate, Postgraduate, Specialist, or other equivalent Degrees).

    Repertoire chosen for the online preliminary round (8-12 minutes) including:
    —At least one piece written by 1800
    —At least one passage written from 1801 to today
    played, recorded and sent via video file:

    The video for the Preliminary Round must be a single file live recording, made with any available device at personal disposal (smartphone, tablet, video, or webcam, etc.) as long as used with the camera’s lens being completely clean, with no cuts, editing, postproduction work and without any inserted text, logo and/or graphical elements, with fixed framing – one single camera – from the right side of the piano – high register – so that the keyboard, pedals, as well as the hands and the whole body of the Candidate can be clearly seen. The camera must be placed horizontally for horizontal aspect ratio. The Candidate will introduce her/himself before the performance, declaring the Name and Year of the Competition (for example saying "PianoLink 2024"). The video must range from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12 minutes of pure performance, without considering the time required for verbal presentation and the pauses between pieces.Videos with a shorter performance duration than what required or that exceed the maximum duration by more than 29 seconds will not be accepted under any circumstance. The video must be sent according to the scheduling stated on the Application Form, through permanent links, free of authentication or login restrictions. Temporary and/or links with required passwords will not be accepted. The video must also be uploaded on a YouTube Channel as “not listed”, i.e., only available through link. Already published and/or released videos will not be accepted.

    Check-list of video compliance:

    Insert the link to the video file:
    Warning: temporary links (for example wetransfer) are not accepted, but only permanent links without password protection (for example Google Drive or Dropbox). Please take great care to verify that link sharing works.

    Insert the link to the video on YouTube:
    The video must also be uploaded to a youtube channel as an "unlisted" video, ie only viewable via links. Videos already published and / or already disclosed also privately, will be discarded.

    Repertoire chosen for the Final Round (15-20 minutes):

    Tell us in a few words who you are and / or what binds you to music, a reflection, a thought, a question ... (It is your presentation to the jury. The written submission may be published in its entirety).)

    Tell us your musical experiences.

    Only for Category B: Diploma: achieved at in (year)

    If you are enrolled in a music school, a conservatory or a music institute, tell us which one:

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