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PianoLink International Amateurs Competition 2020.
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Category A: Candidates without any Diploma in Piano Performance, B.A. or M.A. These Candidates may enroll in the B Category, but not vice versa, in the event of them wanting to compete with Candidates who hold a Diploma.
Category B. Candidates with a Diploma in Piano Performance, B.A. or M.A.

Repertoire chosen for the online preliminary round (8-12 minutes) including:
—At least one piece written by 1830
—At least one passage written from 1831 to today
played, recorded and sent via video file:

The video for the preliminary round must be recorded live continuously, by any device at your disposal (smartphone, tablet, video camera, webcam - making sure that the camera lens is clean), without any editing or post-production, in a single file, with a fixed frame (one camera, not moving) from the right side of the keyboard (high register), horizontal video framing, in which the two hands are visible, the complete keyboard, the pedals and the whole figure of the pianist, who will present himself verbally before the performance. In the event of audio / video tracks edited and / or not synchronized, or failure to comply with the criteria for choosing the repertoire or violation of one or more rules of the regulation, the competition secretariat reserves the right to exclude the candidate from the competition or to ask for a new video file and / or other additions to be delivered in any case by the application deadline.

Note of July 29th 2020: Dear competitors, we noticed a small textual inconsistency between the application form for the competition and a rule in the regulations, concerning the orientation of the video requested for the preliminary round.
We inform you that, if you have already recorded your video in vertical orientation, it will be accepted anyway.
Horizontal video orientation is highly recommended, since the videos will be published on YouTube which only includes that type of orientation.

Insert the link to the video file:
Warning: temporary links (for example wetransfer) are not accepted, but only permanent links without password protection (for example Google Drive or Dropbox).

Insert the link to the video on YouTube:
The video must also be uploaded to a youtube channel as an "unlisted" video, ie only viewable via links. Videos already published and / or already disclosed also privately, will be discarded.

Repertoire chosen for the final round (15-20 minutes):

Tell us in a few words who you are and / or what binds you to music, a reflection, a thought, a question ... (The written text can be published in full)

Tell us your musical experiences.

Only for Category B: Diploma: achieved at in (year)

If you are enrolled in a music school, a conservatory or a music institute, tell us which one:

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Valid identity document

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