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An Association

A Musical Association finally of the musicians, of the masters, of fans, of students, professional , amateur , public , of the city. From 2014 in Milan. Finally!

An Academy

Courses, lessons, master classes, seminars, concerts, competitions, twinnings. Inspirations and emotions, trials, obstacles and successes. Finally, even the high musical education opens the doors.

A network

We create connections and multiply opportunities: we bring resources from new resources. We seek, unite, build. So many links make the network strong.

A Community

PianoLink breaks down barriers. We are confronted with the world. We enrich ourselves of the world. We prepare the largest musical community ever conceived.

New opportunities

PianoLink leads the amateur to the great master. It feeds aspirations and ambitions. Bring new ideas into new contexts. N new students to new teachers.


Become a PianoLink Member , become a precious supporter of music and culture. We innovate with music. We are PianoLink!
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Associazione Musicale PianoLink
Milano, Italy

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