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Every Candidate admitted to the Competition will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a synthetic personalized evaluation by each Juror.

The 5 Winners of the Competition will be awarded with:

  • Diploma
  • Winner’s Recital during the MiAmOr Music Festival 2024
  • Written evaluation, signed by the Jury

The Absolute First Prize will be awarded to the Candidate regarded as the most suited by the Jury, independently of the Category.

Absolute First Prize PianoLink International Amateurs Competition

Enrollment to the PianoLink 2023/2024 Piano and Orchestra Workshop, comprising of paid roundtrips from/to every European Country to/from Milano and of paid accommodation necessary to the attendance of lessons, rehearsals with Orchestra and Final Concert with Orchestra in Milano.

Specific contents: Individual Lessons on Piano and Orchestra Repertoire, Rehearsals with Orchestra and Final Gala Concert with the PianoLink Philharmonic Orchestra during the MiAmOr Music Festival 2024 in Milano. The prize is offered by Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy.

The individual lessons will be held online and/or in person, in any European Country. The rehearsals with Orchestra will be held in Milano. The Prize includes paid roundtrip travels to/from Milano and accommodation expenses. In case of a non-EU Prize Winner, the lessons will be planned in a European location and/or online, while the travel reimbursements relative to specific activities held in Milano will refer to the same European location to/from Milano.

Special Prize Cremona Musica

The selections for the Cremona Musica Prize 2023 , regulated exclusively by popular appreciation (Public Prize), will be held over the course of an extended temporal arch, starting on August 3rd, 2023, and terminating on May 31st, 2024.

All the Candidate’s videos published for the First Preliminary Round compete for the Cremona Musica Prize. After the voting period, the videos will be ranked according to a classification based on public appreciation, alias on the number of Likes scored by each video on the YouTube Channel of the Competition from August 3rd ,2023, to May 31st, 2024, 23:59 (local Italian time). The likes must come from real, active, and regular profiles. A video with a higher number of likes than the number of visualizations will be considered to be irregular and invalid.

The CremonaMusica Prize consists of 1.000 Euros (to be considered as a gross income, in compliance with existing legislation up to May 31st, 2024). The Prize will be assigned to the video with the highest number of likes.

Any Candidate who will make use of bot profiles or will purchase engagement, followers and likes on the YouTube Channel will be immediately excluded from the Competition, in any phase of the Competition in which this misconduct might be discovered, including after the attribution of the Prize, which will need to be returned.

Special Prize  – Friendship Award

The Friendship Award 2023 will be given to the pianist who receives the highest number of votes from all competitors in the competition. Each participant will be invited to express a single preference from all competitors in both categories. No votes will be allowed for oneself.

Special Prize Piano Bridges

The Special Prize Piano Bridges 2023 will be awarded to the Candidate who will be evaluated as being exceptionally praiseworthy by the Artistic Director of the Piano Bridges International Competition for Amateur Pianists of St. Petersburg. The winner will be granted free enrollment to the next edition of the Piano Bridges International Competition for Amateur Pianists.

Award Ceremony. The 5 Winners of the Competition are compelled to perform during the MiAmOr Music Festival 2023. Their refusal will result in the revocation of the won prize.

The Organizers of the Competition reserves the right to change the location of the Winner’s Concerts for organizational reasons; the Administration will ensure to communicate with due advance to all the Finalists the updated information.

PianoLink International Amateurs Competition is partner of Piano Bridges Competition, St.Petersburg.

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