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ONLINE Preliminary Round: August 3rd /August 30th, 2022– Categories A and B

  • Video recording of a free choice repertoire, ranging from 8 to 12 minutes (without considering the time required for a short introduction and the pauses between pieces), which must include:
  1. At least one composition composed before 1800
  2. At least one composition composed from 1801 to this day

The Preliminary Round will be held Online and will begin on August 3rd, 2022 with the publication of the Videos of the Candidates on the Competition’s YouTube Channel, prior to a formal review of the Application Forms and relative attachments, and will end on August 30th, 2022 with the complete evaluation of all the videos by the Jury.

The video for the Preliminary Round must be a single file live recording, made with any available device at personal disposal (smartphone, tablet, video, or webcam, etc., as long as used with the camera’s lens being completely clean), with no cuts, editing, postproduction work and without any inserted text, logo and/or graphical elements, with fixed framing – one single camera – from the right side of the piano – high register – so that the keyboard, pedals, as well as the hands and the whole body of the Candidate can be clearly seen. The camera must be placed horizontally. The Candidate will introduce her/himself before the performance, declaring the Name and Edition of the Competition. The video must range from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12 minutes of pure performance, without considering the time required for verbal presentation and the pauses between pieces.

Videos with a shorter performance duration than what required or that exceed the maximum duration by more than 29 seconds will not be accepted under any circumstance. The video must be sent according to the scheduling stated on the Application Form, through permanent links, free of authentication or login restrictions. Temporary and/or links with required passwords will not be accepted. The video must also be uploaded on a YouTube Channel as “not listed”, i.e., only available through link. Already published and/or released videos will not be accepted.

The Administration of the Competition retains the right to exclude or demand for a new recording and for other integrations – which are to be sent according to the preestablished Application deadline – from those Candidates whose video/audio files result either edited or unsynchronized, whose choice of repertoire does not appear to be in line with the abovementioned specifications or who result as having violated one or more Rules of the Competition. The exclusion can be deliberated in any moment and/or phase, before, during or after the Competition. In addition, retroactive exclusion may be applied in case of a late discovery of untruthful declarations and/or relevant information that would have caused the exclusion in the first place.

Access to the Final Round

The Jury will express its vote in hundredths and will publish the list of the 10 candidates admitted to the Final Round on September 1st, 2022. In order to advance to the Final Round, the 10 Candidates must obtain a score of 80/100 or higher. A maximum of 6 Candidates from each Category will be admitted.

The overall number of Finalists can be incremented by the unquestionable discretion of the Artistic Director in accordance with the Jury up to a maximum of two decimals of the overall number of enrolled Candidates, with a limit of 20 in the event of more than 50 enrolled Candidates.

All selected Finalists will be notified by email by September 3rd, 2022 The Finalists must confirm their availability to take part to the Final Round, either in person or through Online Live Streaming, within the first 2 days of the reception of the communication sent by the Administration of the Competition to the address declared in the Application Form. In the event of a Finalist not accepting to take part to the Final Round, in the event of a Finalists not communicating within 3 days of the reception of the email, in the event of incomplete or incorrect information in the Application or in the event of any type of irregularities in accordance with the present Rules and Regulations, the Artistic Direction will select the first available Candidate, based on the Final Round’s Admission List, who will thus substitute the excluded and/or unreachable one. The Candidates undertake the responsibility of the proper functioning of their personal email inbox.

Solo Final Round: Cremona, September 24th, 2022

  • Free choice repertoire ranging from 15 to 20 minutes

The Final Round will take place on September 24th, 2022, in Cremona, within the context of Cremona Musica. The Final Round will be held either in person or via Online Live Streaming, in compliance to future applicable sanitary legislations. The Final Round will be, in any case, live streamed on the Competition, PianoLink, Yamaha Music Europe and Cremona Musica Facebook and YouTube pages.

The Organizers of the Competition reserves the right to change the location of the Final Round for organizational reasons; the Administration will ensure to communicate with due advance to all the Finalists the updated information.

The 10 Finalists will perform a program of free choice, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, in front of the Jury, either in person or through Online Live Streaming. After all the performances, the Jury will deliberate its decision by expressing a vote per Finalist between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) and compiling an overall ranking per Category based on merit and quality. In case of ex-aequo, the Chairman of the Jury’s vote will be deciding.

The Jury will nominate 5 Winners, compiling a single final ranking made as follows: First Place Winner of Cat. A, First Place Winner of Cat. B, Second Place Winner of Cat. A, Second Place Winner of Cat. B, Third Place Winner of Cat. A or Cat. B, depending on who will have received the highest score. The Jury will nominate the Absolute First Prize Winner of the PianoLink International Amateur Competition.

The Jury may not assign one or more prizes if it finds the artistic standards and requisites to be lacking. The Absolute Prize Winner of the PianoLink International Amateurs Competition will not be admitted to the next 3 Editions of the Competition.

Both edited and unedited arrangements or compositions are accepted for both Categories in the Preliminary and Final Round.

Concerning the attribution of the year of composition of a given piece, the year printed on its first edition prevails on other sources. Regrading transcriptions, the year of composition of the original piece is to be considered. Concerning paraphrases, arrangements, variations or works on Themes by other composers, the year of composition of the paraphrase, arrangement, variation, or work is to be considered. Playing by memory is not compulsory. Only one piece, although no longer than 8 minutes, may be repeated in the Final Round. Each Round of the Competition is public. The decisions of the Jury are irrevocable.

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