We have created a place of encounters and cultural exchanges, a “virtual theater and Academy ubiquitous”

nursery of new links

From a constant flow of ideas and suggestions, overlapping of projects, intentions, by increasing awareness of goals to reach, targets to aim for, a project arises in our minds: “< span style = "color: # 930b27;"> PianoLink . “

PianoLink is an idea, but also a program, a community, a society, an association, an alternative, innovative and modern thinking about the music, the piano, the sharing of skills and experience music.

As the musicians and teachers of students of all ages and levels, we have created a place of encounters and cultural exchanges, a “virtual theater and Academy ubiquitous”, a place of debates but above all learning, of comparing schools musical antipodes, meeting for micro so far precluded each other. We created a pool of “new connections”: among pianists and students, professionals and amateurs, the elderly and very young, European and American … and Asian, rich and less rich, classical and jazz, self-taught and not . This place exists and is a possible site. And the connections are real connections. These exist, and they are called links. PianoLink


The objectives of PianoLink

The association was founded with one purpose: to connect, connect musicians, environments, roles, contexts and events of national and international music scene. It presents programs for the academic year 2014-2015. We have clear ideas and we want to start big. The Association PianoLink presents the first workshop “Piano and Orchestra “and” Singing and Orchestra “dedicated specifically to non-professional pianists and singers of all ages , and a workshop Song Writing and Producing , aimed at aspiring authors and songwriters. The courses have features and varying durations depending on the requirements and give the opportunity for pianists and singers amateurs and enthusiasts, to study and prepare a song to play or sing during a final public concert, with a real symphony orchestra, in a prestigious hall Milan concert. And ‘our first way to make true and authentic those ties were talking about earlier, in which the music is really able to give life! [/Ut_one_half]



The Association PianoLink, officially founded just in 2014 by the will of its four founding partners, is looking forward to welcoming new members in order to give life to its projects and its ideas. To achieve each project requires resources: ideas, work, dedication, money. Join the Association will help us promote the music at all levels and open scenarios always reserved only environments of professional and higher education, to all the fans, curious, students and amateurs who could still be real stars.

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